Hola Amigos

My name is Leo and I am a person living with autism. My family moved to La Paz from Ohio to get away from the winter and rainy weather. I love the Baja and the beautiful beaches. I love to swim, snorkel and see the sea life around me. I always wanted my own business so with the help of my father and stepmother I started Camp Baja Beaches. It is a family business that my father is teaching me how to run, to help me learn to be self-sufficient. My father and stepmother have always believed in me and taught me that I am different, not less and that my autism is my gift. I see and think differently than neurotypical people. They always said I can do anything if I put my mind to it and learn how.

Make sure to say Hola to me when you pick up or drop off your gear.

Please enjoy our beautiful beaches and please be conscious of our delicate ecosystem, leave it cleaner than you find them please. And please never touch the turtle babies.