Why did the chicken cross the road?

  • To get away from the Chupacabra.

Do you have any campsites available?

  • No. We are not a campground. We rent camping gear.

  • Check our Facebook page for many sites including campgrounds and beaches. Make campground reservations directly with the campground.

Where are you located?

  • We do not have a storefront.

  • All reservations can be made via email, text or call (7-day advance requirement)

  • If you are having problems booking, please email letsgo@campbajabeaches.com or call (330) 209-8242 USA, or 612-103-2469 Mexico

  • You can pick up and drop off your gear free of charge at the location that will be sent to you or…

  • We can deliver and pick up the gear to you, prices vary by location.

When I call, it often goes to voicemail. What’s Up?

  • We get a ton of calls that are people looking to reserve a campsite. See FAQ #2.

  • Please leave us a voicemail or send a text or an email and we will contact you ASAP to answer all your questions and help with your reservation.

Why do I have to create a login/password?

  • The log in system allows you to access and edit your reservation.

  • The log in system is an extra layer of security built into our system to protect you and your information.

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

  • You will know your reservation has been completed when you receive an automated confirmation email within minutes of booking your gear.

  • If you do not receive an automated email within an hour of booking your reservation, please call or email us to directly resolve this issue and we will get you squared away.

I have reserved my gear, I am relaxing, what should I expect next?

  • You will receive an automated confirmation email/receipt.

  • Add letsgo@bajabeachcamping.com to your contacts.

  • We will send a follow-up final confirmation email 10-14 days prior to your departure date that will confirm your reservation dates, and rental gear list, and provide you with contact information for picking up or dropping your gear off at a local campground office.

  • The day we deliver the gear to you, we will place a $2500 peso (per kit) authorization on your credit card or cash as a security deposit against theft and damage. This is not a charge, just a hold.

  • Please review our terms and conditions for more information

What do I do if I have to end my camping trip early due to the Weather?

  • Campers should be monitoring the area weather for at least 5 days prior to your planned trip. The hurricane season in Baja Sur begins June 1 and ends middle of October. Most storms in southern Baja occur from August to September We recommend Windy app. It’s a great free weather app.

    • Call and text Camp Baja Beaches (phone # provided in the final confirmation email)

    • Do not leave your camping gear unattended at any other location. The gear is the responsibility of the RENTER until returned to us directly.

    • If for some reason we do not contact you within 30 minutes, please make arrangements to take the rental gear back to your accommodations until we connect.

  • During Hurricane season, we are constantly monitoring local weather

  • We will call and text you back immediately upon receipt of your call/text if we do not answer your phone call.

  • We will respond ASAP if we do not pick up your call and make arrangements to retrieve the camping gear ASAP.

  • Please do not leave your camping gear unattended in any other location than our pick up drop-off point or the pickup/delivery driver. The gear is the responsibility of the RENTER until returned to us per the terms of your rental agreement.

  • If you have reserved more gear than will fit in 1 tote, that additional gear will also be in a hard-sided tote.

Where and when do we get ice for our cooler?

  • There are many convenience stores within blocks of our location.

  • We recommend you purchase two (2) large bags of ice to get you started. These will keep for up to two days if you are not in and out of your cooler frequently. By the 3rd day, your ice will mostly be reduced to cold water.

  • Plan to bring money to buy ice for longer camping trips.

  • We can deliver coolers to you the night before for a ($25) fee. If you would like all of your gear the night before and it is available, there is no fee. Please contact us directly to make these special arrangements. See below.

Why are there so many fees for special delivery options?

  • All fees associated with special delivery to locations and partial gear delivery (such as just the cooler) go directly to our employees for their time. We have a great team and we strive to provide you with the best gear and service we can. We intend to pay our staff fairly for all their efforts.

  • Do your coolers have telescoping handles as pictured?

  • Yes.

  • Our coolers have wheels and can be easily carried when empty if necessary.

Can we get our cooler and gear the night before our departure date?

  • If you would like to receive the cooler early we prefer to deliver all of your gear simultaneously if the Gear is available. Please ensure we coordinate this directly via email or phone calls.

  • If you only want the cooler delivered early.

  • It will be the customers’ responsibility to communicate with hotel concierge/management to let them know Camp Baja Beaches will be delivering gear to you at the hotel. Often, we don’t need to meet you directly and can have gear waiting for you upon arrival or delivered while you are out enjoying your vacation.

  • The “Early Cooler Delivery” fee is to cover expenses for our crew’s time.

  • Please email or call us if you have any questions about these options. Many times, we can accommodate you picking the cooler up early to eliminate the extra fee.

Where can we buy ice/water/food/drinks?

  • There are many grocery stores in our area, if you want the most variety, Walmart, Soriana and Chedraui is the best bet. There are many smaller stores near our location.

  • Check with them directly for hours of operation.

Are chairs and umbrella included in the Basic Beach Kit?

  • No, chairs and umbrellas are an add-on charge to the Basic Beach Kit.

  • Highly recommended as there is very little shade at the beaches.

What should I do if I get to my campground I think part of my gear is missing.

  • We pride ourselves on accountability and high-quality service. If you think you are missing a piece of gear chances are it is in the tote or folded up in something

  • Firstly, take some time to calmly go through all gear provided and see if you can find what you are looking for.

  • It is a very rare occasion that we have forgotten to provide you with something from your reservation. The final confirmation email we send you 7-14 days prior to your departure date is a great way for us all to ensure you are getting what you need for your camping adventure.

  • If indeed you seem to be missing a critical piece of equipment, and you are camping for more than one night, get a message to us so we can try to get additional items to you the same or next-day depending on how far you camp.

How big are your tents and how many people do they sleep?

  • Please reference our Camping Gear page for the exact dimensions of all our gear

  • We only rent 5-person tents

  • Although technically 5-person tents- these are most comfortable for 2 adults max.

  • If you have small children, you can usually use one tent. Give us a call to go over these details if you like.

  • If your party has 3 or more adults we recommend 2 or more tents.

  • 4 pads will not fit flat in 1 tent.

  • We can add any gear to your order to get you and your group exactly what you need to camp comfortably and confidently. Call us for details/customization.

Can you store our luggage or other personal items while we are camping?

  • We can, we have a secured locked storage area in our location that only our 3 family members have access to, Please NOTE, we are not responsible for any lost or damaged items. You can store it here but it’s at your own risk. This is a free service we offer so you don’t have to drag all your items with you.

Can we rent an empty tote?

  • Yes, one plastic tote will come with your gear,

  • if you think you need additional space for personal items, we are more than happy to rent you an empty tote for $200 pesos

  • Note- once you arrive at the park and unload the camping gear, you can store some items in that tote.

Is there a rental contract?

Yes, the terms and conditions is also the rental contract, please go to the bottom of any page on the side and click Rental terms and conditions, and read them. To expedite your experience please read them and contact us beforehand if you have any questions or concerns about the contract, when you pay for your reservation it means that you have read them and understand them. You will also sign a release when you pick up your gear saying that you have read understand and agree to the Rental terms and conditions. Click here for the rental terms and conditions https://campbajabeaches.com/rental-terms